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Collingwood, being one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, features historical buildings, shops and factories from the nineteenth century many of which are still in use today. This city’s population and economy boomed during the Victorian gold rush in the 1850s and 1860s. As a result many small dwellings, shops and factories, including Fosters brewery, were built.

Today, Collingwood residents live in high-rise buildings and modern townhouses. But many still live in single and double storey old cottages and fashionable apartments converted from old factories and warehouses. It’s amazing to find old real estate properties still in use. That means that the structures were well-built including the roofing.

The roofing is one of the first things you should check out when buying a newly-built house or looking for an old house to remodel. This is a must if you want to save yourself the trouble caused by leaking roofs and walls or mold growth.

A roofing specialist can help you pinpoint the problems and make suggestions on the best option to fix them. A trustworthy expert will tell you whether the terracotta tile roofing simply needs cleaning and de-mossing or additional repairs like broken tile replacement. For colorbond roofing, a simple repainting may be necessary to make it look like new. Sometimes, rust-proofing certain parts is necessary before repainting. But when the roofing is extremely damaged, he may recommend complete re-roofing. For all your Collingwood roof repair needs – get in touch with First Class Roofing for a free quote.

If you live in Collingwood or neighbouring Fitzroy, you will by no means lack opportune ways to have a good time. There are many bars and restaurants for every type of food fanatic – burger aficionados, pizza fans or lovers of particular cuisine including Japanese, Thai, Korean, Spanish or American.

Aside from enjoying the neighborhood architecture reminiscent of Melbourne’s history, you can visit pubs or galleries to enjoy live music or local artworks. You will also find shopping quite interesting as there are different factory outlets like Gorman, Kathmandu and Alannah Hill, specialty stores and little boutiques in the area.

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