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We are highly skilled in restoring roof tiles to their original condition

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No matter how attractive your house is, a badly deteriorating roof can make it look poorly maintained, run down, and unappealing. Whether you’re renovating it for potential buyers or just for yourself, our team at First Class Roofing can help you with roof tile restoration which will make your house look more presentable.

Our Roof Tile Restoration Services

With our roof tile restoration services at First Class Roofing can restore your broken, missing, or deteriorated roof tiles back to their original condition, making for a more attractive roof. Our team at First Class Roofing offers roof tile restoration for roof tiles that are a little worse for wear due to mould and lichen growth, rust, excess dirt and stains, restoring them back to brand new condition.

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Tile Restoration

Whether you’re restoring the roof for potential buyers or renters, or simply want a cleaner, more attractive home, our roof tile restoration team can help. Contact us for roof restoration services if you require the following:

  • Repairing, resealing and restoring roofs – we’ll help you with repairing and resealing, restoring your roof to mint condition.
  • Removal of excess moss and lichen growth – Terracotta tiles attract moss and lichen growth due to the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the tile. Moss and lichen don’t have roots so cannot harm the tile directly, however excess growth of these organisms can restrict water flow, causing leakage into the building. They can also make the roof dryer and more brittle by leeching nutrients from the tiles, gradually damaging the structural integrity of the roof. In addition, moss and lichen can also discolour your roof tiles, making them look old and unsightly before their time.

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