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Metal Roof Replacement

At First Class Roofing we specialise in metal roof replacement, and can install a brand new roof for your property. Using the highest quality, Australian materials we can return your roof to its former glory, or build you a brand new roof that will last a lifetime. With a team of professional roofing experts, we have the skills to transform your roof into something to be proud of, and make your home one worth living in. We can install new roofs, replace your roof or restore your existing metal roof if it’s damaged. If you’re looking for metal roofing Melbourne, talk to our team today to get started with a free quote and inspection.

While we work with all kinds of roofs, we specialise in metal, particularly colorbond roofing. If you’re thinking about getting a new roof, consider metal or colorbond. Not only do they look great, a colorbond roof can dramatically increase the value of your home. They’re perfect for withstanding the harsh Australian weather and can easily last more than 20 years. If you’re looking for a fix for a broken roof, we can replace your existing roof with colorbond easily.

Professional Metal Roof Replacement

We can replace your entire roof and get your property back in action. If there are visible signs of wear and tear on your roof, such as rust, mould, rot or broken tiles, get one of our roofing experts in to take a look. We can evaluate the state of your roof, and determine whether your problem is repairable, or if you’ll need a complete metal roof replacement.

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First Class Flat Metal Roofing Service

We offer a range of high-quality flat metal roofing solutions that are designed to meet your needs, budget and the structural standards of your project. Flat metal roofing has always been very popular, however, old roofs were often prone to rusting and leaking. Today, flat metal roofs are much more durable and can be installed as low as 1 degree. With the wide options available, you can get a metal roof that is both durable and versatile. If you’re looking for metal roof repair or replacement, we can deliver a fantastic service that will exceed expectations.

Flat Metal Roof Options

  • Lysaght Klip-Lok 700this is often referred to as a “tray roof” because of its wide flat trays and defining rib lines. Using a concealed fixing clip provides no visual fasteners. Klip-Lok 700 is suitable for 1 and 2-degree pitch roofs.
  • Lysaght Trimdeck this product is between the Corrugated and Klip-Lok roofing systems, looks similar to Klip-Lok 700 with a ribbed flat tray. Trimdeck is suitable for roof pitches as low as 2 degrees. Klip-Lok and Trimdeck are available in zincalume or you can choose any of the 20 colorbond colours.

Professional Metal Roofing Melbourne

We offer a range of services for metal roofs, including installation, restoration and replacement. While we specialise in metal roofs, we also work with tile roofing, bullnose roofing and more. If you need a new roof installed or your existing roof repaired, get our experts on the job today. Call now on 0412 069 632, or send us an email.


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