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Your ridge or capping tiles are the most important tiles on the roof. As they get older, wind, rain and sun can cause them to degrade and become damage, which means they will need maintenance from time to time. Over time, the cement in between your ridge tiles deteriorates and crumbles, resulting in a weakened roof and risk of leaks, which is First Class Roofing can help.

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If your tile roof is getting old, it’s worth having it inspected for broken tiles or cracking and damaged mortar underneath. Damaged mortar can become a perfect entry point for moisture and cold to enter your home, and should be fixed fast to prevent further damage. First Class Roofing offer a professional roof repointing service, inspecting and repairing damaged tile mortar to restore your roof’s effectiveness. We’re the number on choice for roof repointing Melbourne, with more than 25 years of experience behing us. Let our experts reseal, restore and repoint your tile roof today.

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Roof Rebedding

Our roof rebedding service is a complete process in which all the ridge capping and existing cement is stripped, removed and a new layer of mortar mix applied, with the ridge capping put back on. The cement will then be left to set before the flexible pointing is applied.

Roof Repointing

If the cement foundation under your ridge tiles is still quite solid, we can simply replace your ridge tiles without completely replacing the bedding. Here at First Class Roofing, we realise that replacing the cement is not always needed and will only do that if the cement is significantly damaged or deteriorated. If the cement is only damaged in parts, we can fix that for you too.

An interesting fact is that roof cement actually sets harder over time unless it was improperly applied the first time, so in many cases we will recommend just roof repointing rather than a full re-bed.

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About First Class Roofing

With over 25 years in the roof repair industry, you can trust our dedicated team of professionals here at First Class Roofing with all your roof repair, restoration and roof repointing Melbourne needs. We’re fully qualified and accredite, with the skillsto achieve results that will keep your roof in great condition for years to come. Contact Michael today on 0412 069 632 for a free quote.

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Choose First Class Roofing for your roof and be confident you’re getting the best possible service. Using high quality materials we can provide a fantastic service from start to finish. Our roofing experts will even clear out your gutters after the job is done, leaving your roof spotless.

With years of experience and advanced roofing techniques, we can deliver impressive results. Talk to our roof repointing Melbourne experts for a free quote and book your roof repointing today.


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