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You wouldn’t get a gardener to do your landscape design, so why hire a general plumber to fix your leaking roof? At First Class Roofing, we’re professional roofing plumbers and tilers, specialising in roof repair and installation. We know roofs, and have over 25 years of experience working on building and repairing roofs all over Melbourne. If you’ve got a leaking roof Melbourne, a roof that’s falling in, or one that’s simply old and worn out, don’t hesitate to call us today.  

What starts out as a few drops falling from the ceiling can quickly turn into a full roof cave in if left alone. Don’t leave your roof repairs too late! You can save thousands by getting your roof repaired early. If you think your roof might be getting old and worn, and you’re worried about safety, call us today and we’ll conduct a full check-up of your roof.  

Our Roofing Experts Team

When you choose First Class Roofing, you get access to the top roofing experts in Melbourne. Our staff are professionally trained, fully licensed, and ready to tackle any roofing problem you might have. When it comes to the safety of your home, we don’t take shortcuts. We work our best so that you can feel safe and secure, and not have to worry about your roof leaking. If you’re still not convinced, we have full insurance for all our jobs to provide added peace of mind. Call us today and see the difference yourself.

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Temporary Fixes for a Leaking Roof

If you’ve got a leaking roof and you’re waiting for one of our expert roof repairmen to arrive, there are several thing you can do in the meantime to reduce water damage and structural damage. These fixes are temporary and designed to keep you safe while your roof is in the process of being fixed.

  • Cover the Affected Area: as soon as you know your roof is leaking, put plastic covers or tarps where the water is leaking, over furniture and carpet to prevent water damage.
  • Catch Water in Buckets to Prevent Spreading: placing buckets underneath the leak can help stop the water spreading. If water is splashing out of the bucket, placing a rag or sponge in the bottom of the bucket can stop this.
  • Dry the Area: use towels to soak up spreading water. Leaving the area wet can cause mould to grown, and other problems down the line.

We Can Repair Any Leaking Roof in Melbourne

We can repair any leaking roof problem you might have, as well a range of other leaking roof problems. Our leaking roof services include:

  • Leak investigation: Gutters, roofs, tiles and more
  • All size roof repairs
  • Roof inspections and preventative maintenance
  • Corrugated iron, tile and Colorbond roof installation and repair
  • Flashing repairs and replacement
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Contact Us For Any Roof Repairs, Replacement or Restoration

With Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, the extremes of heat and cold can take their toll. You need roofing that’s going to be strong through the changes and able to last years and years. First Class Roofing can install a range of roofing solutions for your home, including tile roofing and colorbond. Talk to our team of leaking roof Melbourne roofing specialists and choose the roofing that’s right for your home.

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