Roofing Princes Hill

Princes Hill, dubbed as ‘Chick City,’ is located 3 kilometers to the north of Melbourne’s CBD. Demographer Bernard Salt gave that nickname in 2003 because Census data showed that this suburb had the highest single women to men ratio in Melbourne.

The suburb’s population is small, however, numbering 2000 to 3000 only. So you can expect community life to be quiet. Also, there may be more residents representing the Academics because Melbourne University is not that far.

Reaching Melbourne’s CDB only takes a few minutes. So does going to some places of interest such as Queen Victoria Market, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne Museum and the Melbourne Gaol. On your way there, you can travel along Lygon Street in Carlton, which is called ‘Little Italy.’ It’s a fantastic place to shop and dine with all the boutiques, cafes and restaurants in the area.

The above facts regarding Princes Hill is just a little bit of information to help you decide if you want to buy, rent or invest in property in this suburb. Housing here are mostly Victorian terraces, many of which have been renovated.

Many homes are made of tile roofing. Tiled roofs offer the advantage of being classy, fireproof and environment friendly. It can last at least 30 years provided it has been constructed very well and maintained properly. But many are switching to other types of roofing because tiles are fragile and can break. Replacing broken tiles is not easy and costly.

Some homes, especially the newly built, have Colorbond roofing. It is less expensive and lasts many years as well. The metal roofing sheets are made with anti-corrosive agents to keep them from rusting. They have durable paint finish that do not peel or crack. So, this type of roofing is certainly one of the best options for new and replacement roofs.

It is good to know some facts about roofing options to help you select your house of choice. You also get some idea on how to save money in the long run.

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