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Clifton Hill is an inner suburb found on the northeast of Melbourne’s CBD. It sits on an elevated land giving locals a perfect view of the metropolis. It used to be called the “Toorak of Collingwood” in the 1880s with its wide streets, good class of houses and pleasant shops.

Today, Clifton Hill is one of Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs. Residential attraction includes single and double storey houses with Victorian and Edwardian era styles dating back to the 19th century and early 20th century. Some of the houses are free standing while others are semi-attached terraces. Close to inner city Melbourne and surrounding suburbs such as Carlton and Collingwood – it is the perfect place to raise a family.

Parks and gardens around the vicinity serve as a place of relaxation for people. There’s Darling Gardens, Mayor’s Park and Quarries Park, which has an adventure playground and skating facilities – a perfect place for kids and teens. For added leisure, visit the commercial center along Queens Parade. There are cafés and restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. Explore the boutiques with Victorian era facade and shop to your heart’s content.

What’s really nice is if you can choose a home in Clifton Hill that is close to the commercial strips, you can just walk there if you need to. Or if you have children, a home near a Primary school is perfect.

But don’t just consider the location, inspect the entire house you’re buying or renting. There’s the possibility that the roofing has issues because of age or normal wear and tear. If it’s made with clay tiles, see if there are broken pieces or growing moss and lichen. In such cases, get an expert to perform terracotta tile roof restoration to fix these problems.

If it is made with colorbond roofing, see if the metal sheets have signs of corrosion. Be sure to check the screws and other fixtures for the presence of rust as well. A roofing specialist knows what steps to take to prevent further damage of the roofing.

Regular maintenance is necessary if you want the roof of your home to last. Doing some touch-ups like roof cleaning and repainting also helps to keep it looking nice and beautiful year after year. So if you need roofing restoration in clifton hill – get in touch with Michael to get a free quote

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