Roofing South Yarra

South Yarra is ranked the second most liveable suburb in Melbourne for 2015. One reason for this ranking is its close proximity to the CBD (it is located 4 kilometers southeast of the City Centre) and to other community amenities, such as schools, cafes, restaurants and open green spaces.

The shopping strip along Toorak Road and Chapel Street features lots of shops, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs. As you travel along, you will find The Jam Factory, which is an upmarket shopping centre converted from an old factory, and the Como Centre, which is a big shopping center with office building. But if shopping for fresh produce, the popular destination is Prahran Market.

Living in South Yarra?

If you want to live in this suburb, you can keep in close touch with nature as you take a walk or have a picnic in parks and gardens, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Fawkner Park and Greville Botanic Gardens. You can also enjoy the rich heritage reflected in the historic mansions of South Yarra, such as the Como House, Richmond House and Airlie House. Even the residential areas on Park Street, Domain Road, Toorak Road and Surrey Road with their cluster of Victorian terraced houses are reminiscent of the 19th century land boom.

Roofing Specialists To Take Care of Your Roof

It’s amazing how these old houses have stood the test of time. Certainly, it can be attributed to expert workmanship and high quality construction materials. The roofing needs the same things to last many years. Good choices of roofing materials include Terracotta tiles, concrete tiles and Colorbond roofing sheets. Installation must only be entrusted to reputable roofing specialists to ensure perfection.

Roofing Restoration & Replacements

Proper care and maintenance is also a must. An expert can do a visual inspection of the roof for broken tiles, corroded metal sheets or damaged flashing from time to time to make sure that problems are dealt with right away. Scheduling restoration services, such as cleaning, de-mossing or repainting, on a regular basis help to make the roof look beautiful and as if new again and again for many years.

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