Preston is a suburb located 9 kilometers to the north of Melbourne’s CBD and is part of the culturally diverse City of Darebin. Many musicians, visual artists and writers go to this active and eclectic suburb to perform and collaborate. Some of the notable people who have contributed to this arts community are Saint Jude, The Contrast, Downhills Home and The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective. Courtney Barnett, a Melbourne singer-composer, even made a song called Depreston after visiting Preston.

In the early years, Preston’s means of livelihood were simply farming and dairying. But later on, industrialization gave rise to companies like Zwar’s Parkside Tannery and Huttons Hams and Bacons. The suburb’s population grew to about 30,000 as the locality developed and established hotels, rail stations, tram line, schools, parks and reserves, the Northland Shopping Centre and residential housing.

Residential housing can be found along Plenty Road, High Street and Gilbert Road. See a variety of architecture and style, from big family homes to modest homes; brick Art Deco houses to new apartments and townhouses. Enjoy living in this community with a great mix of cafés, markets, shopping strip and arts festival.

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