Fairfield is a multicultural suburb that is 6 kilometers to the north-east of Melbourne’s City Center. The place is easily accessible by bus and train. Its population of about 6,000 is a mix of Australians, Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Dutch, Germans and Indians.

The suburb is mostly a residential community with a little industrial area. Houses here are priced at $1,180,000 on average and weekly rental price is $540. Even with the high price of real estate, the demand is quite high because of the affluent people who have moved into this area.

The Station Street shopping centre is the place to go for shopping and eating pleasure. There are supermarkets, boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants here that reflect the suburb’s gentrification. For families with children, there are schools, such as Fairfield Primary School and Melbourne Polytechnic, they can go to. There are also sports clubs, such as Fairfield Cricket Club, Yarra Bend Golf Club and soccer teams, to promote the love of sports.

If you want to make Fairfield your home, you can find a decent house to buy or rent here. While doing your visual inspection of the house, don’t forget to check the roofing. If it is constructed properly using quality materials, then you don’t have anything to worry about. But if it’s not, you need to double check for safety.

Roofs serve as protection against extreme weather conditions 24/7. Hence, the quality of roofing materials and construction is important. Houses may be made with terracotta roof tiles or colorbond roofing. The first is more expensive because of its elegance and ability to last up to 50 years. The latter is less expensive nevertheless it can last many years as well.

Homeowners need the expertise of roofing specialists to ensure the longevity of their roofs. Most often, roofing problems go unnoticed. That’s why there is a need for regular inspection by experts. They can see the damages that need to be fixed right away, such as replacement of leaking metal roof sheets or broken roof tiles. They can also provide roof restoration services, such as de-mossing of tile roofs, rust-proofing, cleaning and repainting.

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