Coburg is a vibrant, multicultural suburb located north of Melbourne’s CBD with a population of about 25,000. Many of this inner suburb’s residents have Italian, Greek and even Arabian backgrounds. Commercial activity is centered on the precinct between Sydney Road and Coburg railway. Although there’s no enclosed shopping mall, people can enjoy going to four shopping arcades situated on the west of Sydney Road. With 250 shops, discount stores, a number of supermarkets, local cafés, bars and restaurants, this center can get very busy.

The most well-known landmark in the suburb is HM Prison Pentridge, which was built in 1840. But it is already closed and is now a housing estate. Other notable landmarks are the Moreland City Council civic centre precinct, the oldest private dwelling in Victoria called La Rose House and the John Fawkner Hospital. Lake Reserve on Merri Creek is a popular place for having a picnic. The reserve offers other facilities like wading pools, diving boards, kiosks and gardens for people to enjoy.

Many residential houses still feature architecture from the Victorian and Edwardian era. But there are also new apartments and Californian bungalow. The price of property is higher now because of its proximity to the city center but it is still more affordable than in other inner suburbs.

If you’re moving here, it’s a good start to inspect the house you will live in. If for some reason you did not choose a newly-built house or apartment, you may likely need the services of a roof repairs and restoration expert.

If you see water stains on the ceiling or wall, it’s an indication of a water leak somewhere. A roofing specialist can find it and fix it, so that the problem will not grow worse when it rains again. While he is already in your property, it may be a good idea to ask for a more accurate quote of their roof restoration services. Your house might need re-pointing, re-sealing or demossing if it has tile roofing. Or if it has a metal roofing, treatment of corrosion and repainting may be necessary.

It’s better to have an expert to do these things for you because they have the equipment and the expertise. They can do the job perfectly the first time and fast saving you time and money over time. 

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