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Cool Roof – With InfraCOOL® Technology

Flat Metal Roofing

First Class Roofing is very pleased to offer you a heat reflective solution to keeping your home, office or place of business cool over the hot Australian summer as well as keeping your costs down.

The Cool Roof with InfraCOOL® Heat reflection Technology is a high-build roof membrane that incorporates InfraCOOL® Technology to reflect more of the sun’s light radiation from surfaces before it can be converted to heat.

There Are Many Reasons For opting Heat Reflective Technology

  • It can be applied to all roofing surfaces
  • Reflects solar radiation which in turn reduces heat and the interior surface remains cooler than that of a roof without Dulux InfraCOOL® Technology
  • Can greatly reduce peak energy demand
  • Reduces cooling costs
  • Will improve occupancy comfort
  • Lowers carbon footprint in warmer climates
  • Can greatly extend the life of the roof
  • Is available in a range of colours
  • It adds value, looks aesthetically enhancing and saves you money on energy costs

For more information on Cool Roof, please call Michael on 0412 069 632 and also see the InfraCOOL® website page

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