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Need a Free Quote? Call Now 0412 069 632

Terracotta Tiles

Restoring, De-Mossing and Pressure Cleaning Will Make Your Roof Look Fantastic

We would love to take a look at your roof and then advise you what we can do at a price you will be delighted with.

Our terracotta Tiles Installation Process

  • Inspection – we carry out a full inspection to assess what action is necessary.
  • Replace – all broken terracotta tiles, checking water courses ensuring your roof is water proof.
  • High Pressure Cleaning – using water pressure at 4000psi. This will remove all dirt, pollution, moss and lichen.
  • Valley Irons – remove old rusted valley irons and replace with new.
  • Flashings – check, repair or replace if necessary.
  • Re-bedding – remove all the old cement bedding (mortar), blow clean the surface and lay out the new cement bedding.
  • Re-pointing – all the ridge, hip, gable and the valley tiles will be repointed. The pointing compound is flexible and will not crack as it is specially formulated to adhere to the ridge tiles.
  • Gutters Cleaned – all leaves, dirt, rubble and debris is removed.
  • Spare tiles – it is always wise to have some spare tiles, The Roof Specialist will leave you with 6 spare tiles on site.
  • Now you have the best looking roof on the street.

Worksafe Victoria & Roofing Safety

Due to safety requirements safety/guard rails will be temporarily erected around the perimeter of your home. The rails will be erected prior to work commencing and taken down on completion. It is against the law to undertake any work on roofs without the Worksafe approved fall protection.

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Our Expertise & Roofing Guarantees

All First Class Roofing work comes with a 10-year guarantee. We use Regent Paints which are made and sold in Australia. Regent Paints manufactures a comprehensive range of superior roof coatings for most materials and surface conditions, i.e. damaged or degraded surfaces that need extra protection and beautification. As roofing surface conditions can vary greatly Regent Paints supplies a wide range of superior products to meet these requirements.

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